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First time ! Great for even age 50 plus because it is NOT sugary ! Great taste and crunchy tasty! No more words ! Very sad that you do not other flavor available for sale ... I like almond

All 3 products were pretty good specially the cookie. Worth buying only on sale .

Its good. Doesnt taste sweet since have negligible sugar. Good product


Teaste is good but price is too hight not gonna purchase ahead whey protein is cheaper than this

One Word........Awesome

As good as expected, good and tasty source of protein. easy to digest. go for it.

I m happy

Great product.

Tastes good, competitive specifications, affordable.

Wow I like it

Good taste nice but I need 3 of flavours

Nice cookies

Cookies are really nice, not too sweet and have a good crunch to it.


Guilt free snack

It's a very tasty cookie which you can enjoy guilt free. Overall, I think it's a little overpriced but a very nice product


Crunchier than I had anticipated, which was great.
A few tweaks in the macros would go a long way. The carb content right now seems a bit much and would deter people following a low-carb diet.

Nice taste

Creamy & tasty

Test and ingredients

Make sure you have too increase the percentage of protein and decreased the fat percentage and sugar too because fat and sugar percentage is high try to decries the fat and sugar percentage

Other wise product is good test is awesome

Good taste

To good

Enjoyed eating it without feeling guilty


It's fantastic


Protein Cookies

Good source of protein. Cookies taste well as well. Good product to eat.

Must buy.

First tym I have come across sch amazing peanut butter it’s a must buy fr lean gain. Price could have been lesser n qty more important.

Whey Protein Isolate (Strawberry)

Product is good.
However, it took more than 12 working days to receive the order against which payment was made upfront . Size of the sando / sports outfit was too small for personal use

Good but i think protein quantity per cookie is low

Rest well good cookies

Very good crunchy

my orders are very delay