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Best ever protein pancake I had . Loved it

Valuable product

Very good in taste as well as in result

Protein coffee

Excellent taste and suitable for pre-workout

Free Shaker
Suraj manvar

Free Shaker

Protein Cookies
Vyom Dhawan

It never got delivered to me

Free Shaker
Kingshuk Chatterjee
Awesome Quality

Unique design and superior quality shaker 👍

Taste not satisfactory

Thank you for the giveaway.... I feel burdened saying that the taste of hazelnut coffee is not even considerable.... Because of some chemical sort of essence. YES I KNOW YOU GUYS DON'T ADD CHEMICALS IN IT , but since you're asking for reviews , i strongly hope you guys look into it.

SOVITALS Plant Protein (25g Vegan Protein - Pea protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein & Quinoa, Soy free) for Everyday Fitness-16 Servings-500gm

Very Good Product

I bought a whey isolate protien.It was a very good product and it was help in my transformation and i lost 22 Kg in 5 months .

Product is good overall, but need to stir alot to mix it properly in the liquid.

It's awesome . It have 10 gm protein which help me to fullfill my daily protein intake with awesome flavour of coffee and hazelnut

Plant Protein

The protein is good but the taste is awfull i prefer whey only the tast of plant protein in so worst !!!

PROTEIN PANCAKE-MIX Made with premium Whey Protein No Added Sugar Versatile Baking Mix

Free Shaker
Manish Gowda

Free Shaker

Free Shaker
Dhruv Jindal

Free Shaker

Massive Mass Gainer
Arun Pandey


Muscle Whey (Primary Source Whey Concentrate with 24 g Protein , 0 gm Sugar , Low Carbs)

Decent product

The taste is good however there are some issues while initial mixing as there are some thread like particles which eventually dissolve after some time.Overall a decent EAA

Conquer Pre workout L-Citrulline 4g Beta Alanine 2.5g N-Noravaline 50mg, L-Taurine 700mg , Caffeine 300mg , 30 servings-300gm


5 Star